Raleigh.- The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared illegal all robocalls using artificial intelligence generated voices to scam consumers or misinform voters. 

The resolution went into effect on February 8 and allows the FCC to fine companies that make such fraudulent calls and take actions against the telephone service providers that carry those calls. 

It also allows affected consumers to sue the companies that generate those calls and grants additional tools to attorney generals in all states to act against violators. 

The move came after New Hampshire authorities received reports of thousands of automated calls using artificial intelligence to clone the voice of President Joe Biden and ask voters not to participate in the primary elections held on January 23 in that state. 


The investigation determined that these calls originated from the Texas-based Life Corporation and resulted in a letter sent to the company’s executives where 51 attorney generals across the country condemned the company and its practices. 

“Our elections are fundamental to our democracy, and I will not stand for anyone spreading misinformation about the election and infringing upon people’s right to vote,” said North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, in the letter. “We will fight back against these scam callers and defend the integrity of our democracy.” 

A coalition of 26 attorney generals had recently called on the FCC to restrict the use of artificial intelligence in telemarketing calls.